About Plant ID

PLANT ID was created to meet the demand by the public and professional landscape industry to provide a one-stop location to find everything.

PLANT ID provides a platform for the gardening public and professionals to source suitable products, services and information.

PLANT ID hosts three main components:-

Plant Internet Directory this is the foundation to the website and provides a consumer oriented section for gardeners and professionals to buy and sell gardening plants, to search for hard-to-find plants, to read gardening hints, to find out about latest releases and to access all other sections of the website.

It promotes environmental sensitive horticultural practices such as “Re-Use” and “Re-cycle” plants, rather than dumping those plants into local bushland.

The Buy and Sell sections are ideal for garden renovations to source ‘pre-loved’ plants and to dispose of unwanted ‘pre-loved’ plants. Make money from the plants you do not want. You can even trade a plant!

Plant ID will provide a free listing if the plant is to be given away for free, otherwise a small fee is necessary. You can look for plants on this site for Free.

Plant Industry Development is the national interactive search engine to locate local professionals such as Horticulturists, Garden Designers, Landscapers, Tree Arborists, Garden Maintenance operators, etc. Click here for more info

Professionals can list themselves on the search engine by filling out a simple form. A fee may be applicable for the listing depending upon membership to specific associations.

Plant Industry Directory a progressive listing of industry related links, such as clubs, professional associations, gardening radio programs, nurseries, etc.
Plant Industry Directory encompasses the Products and Services Registry... one for Home Gardeners and one for Tradespeople. Home Gardeners can find local retail nurseries, landscape products, supply yards, etc. Tradespeople can source products needed for garden maintenance businesses, landscape contractors, designers and architects, wholesale nurseries, professional horticulturists and arborists. Click here for more info

About this website
PLANT ID was launched at the ABC Gardening Australia Live Qld show during April 2003. To date, the website has been featured on radio 2UE Sydney and 4BC Brisbane, in addition to magazines such as Australian Horticulture, Landscape Outlook, HMA News, Gardening Australia and various newspaper reviews.
After identifying the need to bring consumers and professionals together on a single platform, PLANT ID was created.
Although many websites exist on the internet to provide gardening advice, PLANT ID aims to work with those sites and professional groups, not to substitute but rather to compliment them.

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