Find a horticulturist Find a Horticulturist.
If you are after advice on general plant health, plant identification, general garden design, etc, then you need a professional horticulturist.
Only members of the Australian Institute of Horticulture or participants of the Nationally recognised Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) scheme are listed here for your peace-of-mind. All have qualifications, or equivalence, and are bound by a code of ethics.
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Find a landscape designer Find a Landscape Designer
A Landscape Designer will help you create the ideal garden suited to YOU.
Don’t ‘borrow’ a design from TV that is suited to someone else in another state or district. Investigate through a Landscape designer how to best achieve your lifestyle goals…bring your indoors out and your outdoors in.
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Find a landscape contractor Find a Landscape Contractor
A landscape contractor has the potential to build the landscape.
In some states, licences may be needed for landscapers to carry out particular work, eg in Qld, landscapers who build anything over $1,100 need a QBSA license.
Most landscapers are qualified.
In deciding who to use, look for people/business that belong to National or state based association, or who are part of the industry Certification scheme (CLP).
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Find a Tree Transporter Find a Tree Transporter
Tree removalists and transporters are companies that specialize in helping you to get the plant to your property. Use these guys once you have bought a tree listed on this site.
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Find an Arborist Find an Arborist
If you seek professional advice on trees, their care, their transportation, etc, then contact an Arborist.
Arborists generally have qualifications. For peace of mind look for qualifications and member of professional associations.
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Find a garden maintenance service Find a Garden Maintenance Service
If you seek someone to mow your lawn, trim your plants, control some bugs or to offer a full garden care and maintenance service, refer to this list.
Some of these listings have qualifications. For peace of mind look for qualifications and member of professional associations.
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