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Mock Oranges

Depending where you live, this common name can refer to three plants:-


Murraya paniculata

Choysia ternata





Murraya paniculata

(also called Orange Jessamine)

This common hedging plant produces an abundance of white perfumed blossoms. Related to the citrus, the fragrance is reminiscent of orange blossoms.

Leaves are pinnate (ie have small segments) and the bushiness has lended itself to many landscape uses.

Sometimes a small orange fruit is produced, however it is not edible.

Gardeners can purchase three forms of this plant

  • M. paniculata ‘Exotica’ – grown from cuttings this is undoubtedly the best garden plant for hedges in warm climates. It rarely produces fruit or seed.
  • M. paniculata – grown from seed, this from is much more straggly and untidy. It is abundant with orange fruit and prolifically sets seed – potential weed.
  • M. paniculata ‘dwarf’ – this little cutie only grows to about 1 m maximum and has very fine leaves. Ideal for pots or small hedges.



Choysia ternata

(also called Mexican Orange Blossom)

Temperate climate loving plants with spring flowering orange scented blossoms.

Evergreen shrub to around 2m which loves a rich organic acid soil.

Leaves are distinctive by having three leathery segments and are fragrant.




(also called Mexican Mock Orange)

 A temperate loving plant that is mostly deciduous. Heavily scented pure white flowers in later summer.

Leaves are singular which makes identification from the other plants above easy.

Plants are very tolerant of soil conditions and are drought and frost hardy.

  • P. coronarius (common mock orange) – open bush with terminal flowers
  • P. mexicanus (Mexican mock orange) – can stay evergreen in warm climates.   


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