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Wall landscaping

A garden wall formed from the presence of buildings or fences provides a landscape designer with a new surface on which to further the ‘garden’ experience.

A free standing feature wall can also be built by a landscaper to serve as a decorative feature and may also function as a ‘garden room’ separator.

A wall made of brick can be rendered or left exposed, each providing its own unique texture and colour that impacts on the design.

Some people use wall plaques to add focal points to bland walls, to maximise interest, or simply to reflect the eclectic nature of themselves. Others use busts of Greek gods or stylized suns to develop a landscape theme.

Other wall decorations may include mirrors, window shutters, pots, murals and wall fountains to name a few.

Decorating garden walls with artwork that sympathises with the design of the landscape is a skill that is sometimes left for the landscape designer to ensure that complimentary elements are selected. Refer to PLANT ID to find a suitable landscape designer.

Complimenting modern style homes gardens are frequently landscaped with lineal beds and structured plant specimens. By adding rustic artwork or artistic hand-sculptured plaques, the artwork provides sufficient contrast to become the feature for the whole garden.

Vertical walls are also ideal to make wall water features. With the purchase of a pump, base pond and wall plaque, a dull wall can be transformed into a garden feature with running water, fish and water plants.

Protected walls such as those of the home that are rendered are ideal for mural painting or trompe l’oeil murals.

Low walls in the garden that may be undesirable can be camouflaged by growing attractive plants over them such as ivy, Virginia creeper or creeping fig.

Note: In many states of Australia constuction of walls may require a landscaper to have a license. Refer to your local state government or council for advice.

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