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Understanding Climate

Understanding climate for a successful garden


Due to its size, Australia has a great deal of different climate types. Professionals all know that climate has a big impact on gardening.


Regretfully there is a great tendency for the gardening media to make general statements about plants, or techniques that may be applicable to one area and not to another.


Current publishing houses and production companies based in Melbourne or Sydney, tend to utilise authors and presenters from similar climatic areas. Consequently, much of the material produced relates to the temperate zone, which makes up less than 7% of Australia’s landmass.


A good guide to the locations of these zones is found on the Climate Classification of Australia based on Koeppen, on the Bureau of Meteorology Website:




While this seemed to be the map used by many publications until the late 1980’s, it is noted that recently many magazines and books have developed their ‘own versions’.


Contrary to established climatic data, there has also been a tendency for ‘Sydneyites’ to report that they are in the subtropics (perhaps due to the fact that tropical and subtropical gardens are now trendy). A quick glance at plantings along the east coast highways and roads demonstrates that there is a definite vegetation (native and garden flora) change between north of Sydney and Ballina (where the summer rains kick in).


How to achieve a successful garden:

  1. correctly identify your climate and micro-climate
  2. correctly identify your soil
  3. identify your garden goals, design and features
  4. consult a professional landscape designer or Horticulturist

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Additional information about climate can be sourced from... http://www.plant.id.au/AustLdsSource/climate.htm 


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