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Scented Pleasures

A dash of Cool Water or Jako on a guy and he’s ready for town.
A dab of Happy or Beautiful on the neckline of a gal and its party time.

In the garden, plants use perfume and scents in much the same way.
For some, it will attract pollinators such as insects to assist in plant reproduction.
For others, the scent in foliage may either attract foraging animals or repel them.

Scent in the garden can be created with the presence of flowers or foliage that release essential oils, or it may be an external scent introduced via incense burners or even your neighbour’s weekly bbq.

Sometimes there are smells which need to be masked, such as garbage bins or waste water. In these cases, strategic scented plants can save both your temper and nose.

Scented plants are commonly associated with flowers, however there are fragrant foliage and bark plants that may also be utilised in your garden.
Popular scented plants include:
* Frangipani (Plumeria)
* Gardenia
* Hawaiian gingers (Hedychium coronarium)
* Jasmine (Jasminum)
* Night scented cestrum (Cestrum nocturnum)
* Port wine magnolia hybrids (Michelia ’Coco’)
* Yesterday Today Tomorrow (Brunfelsia)

Be aware that some people may be allergic to strong scented plants like the jasmine in full bloom. Consider your family, friends and neighbours when selecting the right plant for your garden.

It may also be important not to place strongly scented plants near bedroom windows as it can be overpowering. Planted a short distance away the resultant scent will be a delicate fragrance, diffused by the surrounding air.

Fragrant foliage can be used near pathways so that scent is released as a person brushes against it:
* Lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora)
* Nutmeg bush (Iboza)
* Plectranthus
* Geraniums (Pelargonium)
* Sages (Salvia)

Scent is a strong human sense. It has the ability to remind people of past events, places and previous acquaintances. Ensure you leave a great lasting impression on your associates and friends with the right scented plant.

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