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Sourcing Landscape Materials

DIY landscapers have the fun of creating something from scratch and the frustration of driving around sourcing all the materials.
Unlike indoors where a model and brand oven is the same in store A and in store B, plants and landscape materials can vary greatly from place to place.
Before heading out the door do some research.
For timber, know the length, width and heights of the timber you need. Verify if they need to be treated for in-ground contact, or not. Ensure your list of purchases include nails, screws bolts and other metal straps, preferably galvanised.
For concrete, know your volumes before ordering ready made mixes. If planning small jobs, rely on instant bags, or hire a small mixer.
Plants will vary in price based on pot dimension and plant dimension. If you wish to make a landscape that you can appreciate within 3 years, buy as big as you can within budget. If you are patient, then buy smaller plants.
Check the internet.
These days everything you may possibly want can be sourced via the internet.
For example, if you are after water features, ponds, garden lighting, pavers or pots, they can all be sourced from website such as:
Australian Landscape Source.....  www.plant.id.au/AustLdsSource

You can also access on-line Home Product Registry such as

Things you can find online in a consumer product registry  include:
- Bird feeders
- Compost tumblers, etc
- Domestic paving supplies
- Fencing supplies
- Garden clothes
- Garden furniture / statues / figurines / sculpture
- Garden tools and accessories
- Hydroponics
- Irrigation supplies and drainage
- Landscape supply yards / Landscape suppliers
- Mail order gardening products 
- Mail order plants (bulbs, water plants, seed, lilies, etc)
- Mowers / chippers / machines stores
- Pet / animal shelters
- Pools & spas
- Pot supply companies
- Retail nurseries / Garden Centres
- Seed merchants
- Shadehouses / greenhouses
- Soils / mulch supplies
- Turf / lawn supplies
- Water features / supplies / water plants

Things you can find in a professional trade registry  include:
- Bricks & paving supplies
- Chemicals - fertilisers, pests, diseases
- Geotextiles / membranes
- Hydroponics
- IPM supplies and services
- Irrigation supplies and drainage
- Indoor plant hire
- Landscape furniture/ lighting /machinery /sculpture 
- Landscape supply yards
- Landscape tools and accessories
- Mowers & power equipment
- Nursery supplies - pots, trolleys, labels, etc
- Pools & spas
- Pumps (commercial)
- Retaining wall supplies
- Structures, gazebos, etc
- Timber supplies
- Turf supplies / equipment
- Water features / supplies / water proofing
- Wholesale nurseries

You can also locate and find valuable professional expertise like Horticulturists, Landscape designers, landscape contractors, tree surgeon and garden maintenance from website like Australian Landscape Source.

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