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Seeking a Tree Doctor

Trees have long been regarding as the lungs of earth. They are significant assets to the city, the community and to home gardeners.

Trees provide space under which people meet, relax, have parties, and rest. Trees are glorified in poems, novels and history. They sustain wildlife and offer support for a multitude of epiphytic plants such as orchids.

Trees are without doubt the most significant asset to any new domestic or commercial landscape as they provide instant gratification to the creation, providing a sense of maturity and grace.

Trees are generally long lived and are therefore carefully selected by landscape designers. Features such as foliage texture, flower colour, deciduous nature, growth rate, root distribution, soil tolerance and overall shape are just a few criteria from which a designer selects the best tree for the situation.

Similar to how garden plants need to be looked after, fertilised and pruned, so too do trees need special attention by professionals. If a tree looks ill, or is in need for a check up, then who do you go for advice?

Who do you look for?

  • Seek advice from a qualified Arborist
  • Ask what their qualifications are
  • Ask what their experience is
  • How long have they been specialising in trees?
  • Are they familiar with local conditions and legislation?
  • Are they insured?
  • If in doubt, ask for a reference and/or examples of their work
  • Look for someone with membership or multiple memberships of professional Arboricultural associations such as the QAA, NAA or ISAAC

While Arborists are usually happy to talk about trees with you over the phone, be prepared to pay for their time if you want a solution for your problem or require specific advice regarding your trees.
If you ask for a free quote, don’t expect to get good advice during that ‘free’ consultation.

What can an Arborist do for you?

  • Provide management advice and solutions for tree problems
  • Diagnose and treat tree pests and diseases
  • Provide hazard assessments, pre-purchase inspections and reports
  • Help you manage the risks associated with your trees
  • Facilitate dispute resolutions regarding trees
  • Provide professional witness services
  • Work with other design professionals (landscape designers, architects, builders, engineers) to achieve sustainable design outcomes.

By selecting an experienced and technically qualified Arborist with sound horticultural skills and membership of leading professional bodies, you will have access to contemporary expertise.

Plant ID – www.plant.id.au
Australian Landscape Source - www.plant.id.au/AustLdsSource
QAA (Queensland Arboricultural Association) - www.qaa.net.au
NAA (National Arboricultural Association of Australia) - nat.arborists@optusnet.net.au
ISAAC (International Society of Arboriculture, Australian Chapter) - www.isaac.org.au

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