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Colour - Orange

There is a reason why strong bold coloured plants look great in this climate.


The strong sunlight of the tropics and subtropics tend to wash out cool colours such as blue, pastels and white making them appear less attractive in the garden.


In contrast the colours of red, yellow and orange radiate in the sunlight’s intensity making them more synonymous with the climate and gardens.


Living in the subtropical south-east district of Queensland (or other bright sunshine areas), it makes sense to make the most of a subtropical garden by incorporate colours such as orange.


Orange is a fun colour, and a daring colour to deal with in the landscape.


An external wall painted orange will brighten up a bland garden, but it can be overpowering depending on mode… of both yourself and your neighbours.


Orange is most easily incorporated into a landscape as an accessory. Outdoor furniture and cloth can simply be arranged to suit mode, and removed if needed.


Avoid a garden that is always the same by rearranging orange pots around the garden each week or month. Orange will stand out in the garden and inherits attributes of being a focal point. By changing the location of pots you effectively alter the design and focal points within the landscape.


Orange works well with harmonious colours like yellow and red. There are also many golden coloured flowering plants that work well with yellow and orange.


Alternatively to create a strong contrasting statement, use blue/purple alongside the orange colour. A blue pot filled with orange flowering annuals looks fabulous.


If planning to use orange in the garden remember these simple hints.

  • Orange in winter will make the area feel warmer and more inviting
  • Orange in summer may make the area feel hot and un-inviting… however this can be overcome with large volumes of contrasting blue/purple.


Orange is a colour that can and should be used in our local gardens. It is perfectly suited to our climate, our sunlight and the range of plants that do well in our district.



Orange flowering plants

Aloe camperi

Banksia ericifolia (Heath banksia)

Bauhinia galpinii

Barklya syringifolia (Crown of gold)

Caesalpinia pulcherirrima (Barbados pride)

CannaSunrise’ & ‘Tropicanna’

Clivia miniata

Colvillea rasemosa (Colvillea)

Delonix regia (Poinciana)

Grevillea ‘Honey Gem’

Heliconia – many cultivars

Hibiscus – many cultivars

Holmskioldia sanguinea (Chinese hat)

Hymenosporum flavum (Native frangipani)

Ixora ‘Prince of Orange

Pyrostegia venusta (Orange trumpet vine)

Rhododendron (Vireya) – many cultivars

Strelitzia reginae (Bird of paradise)

Streptosolen jamesonii (Browallia)

Tecomaria capensis (Cape honeysuckle)


Orange foliage plants

Codiaeum variegatum (Croton)

Acalypha ‘Inferno’

Cordyline fruticosa

Pereskia aculeata ‘Godseffiana’  (Barbados gooseberry)


Orange fruited plants

Harpullia pendula (Tulipwood)

Pittosporum revolutum (Brisbane laurel)

Citrus (Oranges, etc)

Schefflera arboricola (Dwarf umbrella)


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