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Transitional Landscapes

Interior design goes through phases reflecting natural base colours or vibrant bold colours. In renovating or just rejuvenating the inside of the house the interior design trend at the time will influence what is used and how the result will look.


Likewise more people are adopting a transitional or phase philosophy to their outdoor property.


In today’s real estate property market owners tend to keep a house for 5 years. In that time the garden will reflect the style of the house and current landscape design influences (such as silver balls in water features or blue pots made into water features). On moving to a new house, owners will unusually select a completely new landscape design to reflect changes in lifestyle.


Some people who do not move residence that frequently may simply like to rejuvenate or modernise the garden. This is becoming more common in the industry with some private gardens changing every few years. If a person lives in a good neighbourhood, close to all the public facilities, it is often more advantageous to renovate and change the landscape than to more residence.


As the saying goes… “a change is as good as a holiday”.


However there is also the opposing movement from families who create a garden from scratch. In the early years space is a priority for kids to play in a safe environment within the yard. As time progresses the space is sometimes reallocated to either sport, pool and even a vegetable patch or mini orchard. Eventually kids move out and the garden has matured to at state that may no longer meet the needs of the owners. Alternatives at this point are to renovate the existing garden or sell and move on.


Perhaps one of the most overlooked elements of a garden to the family is the direct contact between children and the environment. There is no other place that provides easy access for people to see life and death, to see plants grow then flower and fruit, or to observe the world changing. It’s a simple step out of the back door into a wonderland of the garden.


A landscape design may change over time but it is the intricate changes that occur within the garden that enhances the knowledge and growth of children.


written by Paul Plant, horticultural writer.

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