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Subtropical Gardening and Landscaping

The subtopics (also written as sub-tropics and sub tropics) can provide a challenge to some gardeners and landscapers in that some plants which a person may have grown in other locations, may not grow here.

Locations such as Brisbane (in Queensland, Australia), Florida (in the USA), natal district (South Africa) and regions of South America, plus numerous locations in Asia, the Pacific Ocean, have subtropical climates. Each location may exhibit climate variations such as the dry subtopics, or the wet subtropics. Gardening and landscaping practices are needed to enhance plant growth and ensure success with plant selection and maintenance.

Suggestions for further advice:

  • local garden centres and nurseries
  • professional horticulturists and landscapers
  • local radio and television programs
  • gardening magazines (such as subTropical Gardening magazine)
  • garden clubs

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