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Family: Bromeliaceae


Neoregelias make a great statement in any garden. They can be displayed in many unique positions from sun to shade. Due to their epiphytic nature, some are great for mounting and displaying on logs, rocks and can even climb trees.


The flower head is hidden just under the water line in the centre reservoir of the plant and the masses of small lavender-blue or white flowers appear to float like water lilies on the surface of the water.


Wild colour combinations of stripes, bands and spots, ranging from shades of red through to pink, green and white, only intensify upon plant maturity. Sometimes the colour is helped along by the cold weather and or stress.


Neoregelias are very diverse from species to species. Many Australian and overseas hybridisers continue to create new and exciting hybrids. You’re sure to find a Neoregelia to fill almost any part of your garden.


Large cultivars for sunny positions:

N. johannis

N. johannis ‘de Rolf’

N. cruenta

N. ‘Gee Whiz’

N. ‘Sheba


Cultivars for semi shade or filtered Light

N. concentrica and hybrids

N. ‘Gun Powder’

N. ‘Enchantment’

N. ‘Painted Delight’

N. ‘Zoe’

N. ‘Annick’

N. ‘Salute’

N. ‘Blast’


Miniature cultivars for borders, edges and grown over rocks

N. olens and hybrids

N. ‘Lillipet’

N. ‘Chilli’

N. ‘Verde’

N. ‘Short & Sweet’

N. ‘Cherub’


more information about bromeliads can be found in subTropical Gardening magazine... www.stgmagazine.com.au

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