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Crinum pedunculatum


Common name: Swamp Lily


With upright leaves and white flowers, this Australian native has become a favourite for landscape designers and horticulturists.


Standing up to 1m tall with each leaf up to 10cm wide, this clumping plant makes an impact when mass planted under existing trees or along paths.


The large white flowers have thin petals and a pink tinge on the outer sides. Long anthers and filaments are pinkish tipped with yellow pollen. Flowering is concentrated throughout August to January, peaking in November.


The plant is easily propagated by seed that can be left to fall on the ground and sprout or placed on top of potting mix in a pot where it can be more readily cared for.



Note: this plant is host to the crinum grub which also causes damage to clivia, hippeastrum and many other bulbous plants. It is important to spray plants to control this pest, undertake regular patrols using thumb and fingers during summer, or practice companion planting.



Best growing conditions:

-          prefers moist soil conditions and likes to grow beside water courses

-          tolerates drier conditions well but will suffer in drought conditions

-          provide a good layer of mulch over the soil and fertilise with an organic blend

-          likes full sun to part shade.


Landscape uses:

Use this plant in large numbers for maximum effect.

Well suited to coastal gardens, tropical rainforests and native indigenous gardens.

Plant near dams, water features, creeks and rivers.



Written by Paul Plant, Editor of subTropical Gardening magazine - www.stgmagazine.com.au

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