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Gardenias are popular garden shrubs grown for their scented flowers in spring to mid summer.

Gardenias have glossy green leaves and all but a few have white flowers.

They like a fertile soil, regular watering in summer and need a complete fertiliser twice a year.



For scented gardens or hedges.

Great for adding to an Asian, tropical or jungle themed garden.


Best suited to

Qld - coastal districts

NSW – warm temperate zones




G. angusta ‘Forever More’ – a tropical gardenia shrub with single row of pearl white petals in a pin-wheel arrangement.

G. angusta ‘Magnifica’ – large shrub with scented white flowers.

‘Four Seasons’ – small shrub ideal for hedging with prolific flowers possible all year round.

G. thunbergia – large shrub up to 4m with long funneled flower opening up to starry white petals.

G. tubifera ‘Soleil d’Or’ – new variety with 5cm cream flowers that fade to deep gold over three to four days. Unique tube-like flower with propeller petals. Small shrub.


Problems that can occur:

Pests - scale (treat with white oil), sooty mould (white oil) and mealy buds (treat with confidor)


Lack of Flowers – you are probably feeding the plant too much fertiliser high in nitrogen, or have used too much manure in the soil. Stop fertilising with what you are using and then apply only potassium sulphate (as directed on packet) or a fertiliser high in Phosphorus and Potassium.


Flowers fall off – Apply a trace element booster. This should supply important elements such as magnesium and boron that helps plants to hold onto flowers.


Flowers turn black really fast – either you are touching the flowers as they are almost opening (hence bruising the petals) or water stains are occurring as a result of early morning due.


Sudden leaf fall – A sudden reaction indicates something suddenly has recently occurred. Has the temperature just plummeted or skyrocketed without warning? Have you gone on holidays and forgot to organise someone to water the plants? Has someone spilled a foreign liquid (eg, cooking fat, petrol, disinfectant) near the plant? Has a male dog been allowed into the garden to do his ‘business’?


G. angusta 'Forever More'
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