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Nurseries in Brisbane and Queensland

Nurseries and garden centres throughout Queensland can be found in one of many ways:

- contact the local nursery association - refer to http://www.plant.id.au/AustLdsSource/associations.htm

- refer to website listings, such as in PLANT ID Registry - http://www.plant.id.au/home/registry.aspx

- do they advertise in the local gardening magazine, such as subTropical Gardening - www.stgmagazine.com.au

- check telephone book.

Within Brisbane and south east Queensland, there are many good garden centres ranging from independant stores to chain-stores and hardware outlets. If you are a keen gardener, assess the worth of the store in terms of the staff - are they qualified? Just because they have a badge saying ' horticultural advisor' does not mean they are actually qualified as a horticulturist.

To help you understand how to select, landscape with and appreciate plants suited to your local area consider the following:-


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