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Landscaping in Brisbane and Queensland

Landscaping in the tropics and subtropics of Queensland takes into account the cooler districts of Brisbane and the hinterland, all the way to the humid districts of Cairns and Port Douglas. 

Landscapers in Brisbane and throughout Queensland can be found in one of many ways:

- contact the local industry associations - refer to http://www.plant.id.au/AustLdsSource/associations.htm

- refer to website listings, such as in PLANT ID Registry - http://www.plant.id.au/home/find.aspx 

- do they advertise in the local garden and landscape magazine, such as subTropical Gardening - www.stgmagazine.com.au

- check telephone book.

Within Brisbane and south east Queensland, there are many good landscapers that can be found using the above sources.

If you are a considering buying the services of a landscapers consider the important consumer guide information on the following page - http://www.plant.id.au/AustLdsSource/consumer_guide.htm

Remember if you are paying out money for a service... make sure they are qualified and insured.

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