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Recession Gardening

During financial tough times gardening is one way to save money and capitalise on world wide instability.

Investing in the home garden with prudent landscaping and good designing can create a home garden that becomes a hub of security, safety and improved personal wealth. Yes, in times of recession, spending money to improve your garden will actually enhance the selling price of the property - making you money for the future.

Rather than spending money on international travel, and the fear of terrorism, a new landscape in the back yard generates a safe and secure place for the family to escape to and experience the local environment without the stress, discomfort or jet lag of international flights. You can save hundreds of dollars by staying home and visiting your local towns and city tourist destinations - most people do not experience their local attractions but rather spend excessive dollars visiting similar attractions in distant locations. Rule 1 when you want to save money is to LOOK LOCAL and SPEND LOCAL.

So how to create your recession-proof garden?

  • Identify what it is you like to do when on holidays and write them down - for example swimming, sunbathing, camping, bushwalking, etc?
  • Use this list to determine what can be done in the local district and what you can create in the back garden - for example, you can go to a local national park and you can investigate the option of building a pool in the garden, etc.
  • Clearly define who will be participating in your garden - is it yourself only, your partner, your kids, your extended family and friends. Try to identify if there are any safety issues that need to be addressed such as pool fencing, allergic reactions or poisonous plants.
  • List key elements you would like to have in the garden to address site conditions such as steps for a sloped property, fruit trees for an orchard, play zone for children, dog run for the pets, vegetables and herbs near the kitchen for eating, decking for a spa, entertainment zone for bbqs and parties, open expanse of lawn for football or cricket, etc.
  • Identify what your budget is. This is very important as it will determine what can and cannot be created in the garden. During financial tough times look for cheaper alternatives such as re-used building materials, garden clubs for buying plants, propagate your own plants, build your own bbq, etc. Avoid highly marketed new plant releases that have recently come on the market as these will be more expensive and you can do much the same with old-fashioned cheaper plants.

Design and Construct
Here you can have a go yourself or use a professional. The professional will definitely cost you more, but the investment may save you money in the long run as a GOOD designer with a horticultural qualification will ensure you have the right plants that will survive and thrive in your garden.

Construction is where you will save the most money - do it yourself if you can. Making a few mistakes is natural and can be a talking point at your next bbq and family gathering. If you are requiring extensive retainer walls, erosion control or infrastructure it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you only use licensed contractors with a good reputation.

For more ideas on gardening, landscaping or design refer to www.stgmagazine.com.au


Created for all gardeners world wide who are doing it tough and are worried.
written by Paul Plant, Editor of subTropical Gardening - www.stgmagazine.com.au




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