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Gardening in Queensland

The diversity of plant life in any state encompases native species and the non-natives that come from other regions of the world. Combined the create the essence of the landscape, and in many cases the sense of place.

Gardening in Queensland (Australia) requires an understanding and appreciation for the climate, soil, surrounding native species and what works!

Experience can be gathered over many years, or collated by listening to other gardener who are part of a garden club, or listening to radio gardening programs. Additionally, magazines and local newspapers can also provide valuable information. If moving or living in Queensland, the number 1 essential gardening reference in subTropical Gardening magazine (www.stgmagazine.com.au).

 In future Grower Guides, we will tackle more details regarding trees, shrubs, climbers, bulbous plants, vegies and fruit. If you cannot wait, check out what is already uploaded on this website.

written by Paul Plant.

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