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In the Night Garden

Adults and children both enjoy the wonders of night time. In the night garden plants with scent are prominent to stimulate the senses. Plants with white flower and those with silvery foliage tend to reflect moonlight and electric lighting to enhance the visual appeal of the garden.

In the night garden people are likely to walk along pathways if scent is used as an attractant - to lure people into the garden.

It is also important to include lighting, electrical or solar, to ensure safety along the pathways.

Avoid spiky plants near walkways, plants that throw wayward limbs into the open space that can swing into people eyes, and do not plants that drop fleshy flowers or fruits onto pathways as they can create a slippery and dangerous walkway. Keep plants in the night garden neat and trimmed, especially those near the walkways.

Plant specimens in wide garden beds however can be left to grow into their natural shapes. These are the plants that enchant the garden with exquisite blooms (Angel's Trumpets) or striking forms (Gymea Lilies). Here the plants can be a bit wilder.

It is also important to consider where you live in relation to native fauna. Are there likely to be snakes, spiders, etc making home in your garden. Spiderwebs can be frightening for some people to walk through so it is advised to always walk around your garden and 'de-web' pathways before guests arrive. If your district is known to have particular snakes or spiders, make your guests aware of them - it is best to be safe than sorry.  

For more advice and tips about gardening for night gardens, check out subTropical Gardening magazine - www.stgmagazine.com.au

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