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Family: Liliaceae


Agapathus are widely grown in warm climates preferring warm temperate to topics.


Commonly used as garden edging plants, these herbaceous bulb-like plants produce strappy deep green leaves and cluster of flowers borne above a tall stalk.


Flower are mostly blue or white. Flower heads can range from 15cm above ground to more than 1 metre.


Newly bred varieties produce tighter prolific blooms.



Prefer full sun to light shade

If overcrowded, they may not flower well so dig them up, divide and replant.

Spring and autumn fertiliser with complete plant food. – high in potassium is good





A. ‘Purple Cloud’ – deep purple blossoms in a large head on tall stalk.


A. ‘Snowball’ – dwarf plant with dense white blossoms, ideal for edges.


A. ‘Black Pantha’ – deep purple almost black flowers on tall very strong stalk during summer. Does not set seed. Blue green foliage.


Weed Potential

Some varieties that produce seed are reported to be potential weeds.

For peace of mind, only use seed sterile types if you live near environmentally sensitive areas.


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