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Garden Escapees

Local bushland and forests are an asset to our generation and that of the future.


It is crucial that all gardeners are vigilant to ensure that plants do not escape into the local bushland to become potential weeds.


All local council authorities have created lists of Declared, Noxious and Environmental Weeds. You should become familiar with these weed lists and avoid growing all plants listed.


To help control the spread of weeds, remember these points:-

  • do not throw any garden waste into the local bush
  • do not throw any garden waste over the fence
  • avoid planting any specimen which has the potential to excessively self seed or self propagate from leaf segments
  • contact your local authority to find out lists of plants not permitted to be grown, or are discouraged
  • do not give away plants or sell any plants that are either listed as weed or has the potential to cause environmental damage
  • report to your local authority any weed dumpers, plant sellers, property owners who are dealing in these plants or have them on their property
  • aim to use local flora (endemic plants) for your garden if you are close to bushland
  • if you see an escapee, try to pull it out and dump it safely.


Please remember that a weed in one district is not a weed in another.


Have you got suggestions of weed inclusion ?

If you can think of a plant that you feel needs to be on your local Environmental Weeds list, then send a formal letter to your local councilor with reasons to support your suggestions.



PLANT ID supports the current national listings of Banned plant species, but is active in the removal of the following plants from cultivation and sales in Qld for Amenity Horticulture:-

Syagrus romanzoffiana (Syn. Cocos plumosa) (Queen Palm)

Celtis sinensis (Chinese Elm)

Koelreuteria elegans (Golden Rain Tree)

Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor Laurel)

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