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Making Plants Flower

Ever had a plant sold to you because of its stunning flowers then to have it produce only leaves and no flowers ?


That is a common situation, but is easily remedied.





Excess foliage

Too much nitrogen in fertiliser

Stop using current fertiliser and switch to a high phosphorus and potassium formulation

Surrounded by other plants

Needs more sunlight

Move plant to new location or prune surrounding specimens

Flowers fall

Leaves not solid green

Lack of micro-nutrients

Add trace element mix

Flowers fall with jagged stalk

Leaves healthy

Insect attack

Spray in insecticide

Flowers fall before opening (Hibiscus)

Hibiscus beetle

Confidor spray

Flowers fail to open but look mushy (Azaleas)

Azalea petal blight disease

Spray with fungicide - Bayleton

Flower petals blackened

Dew stains

Protect buds from early morning sunshine and hose plant down in morning

Failed to flower (Mangoes)

Mangoes need a dry autumn for flower initiation…. But it was a wet autumn

Too hard to stop rainfall but you can manage irrigation. Restrict hosing in autumn to encourage flowers next season

Wisteria did not flower

Usually either bad pruning

Or warm winter

Bad pruning will result in removal of flower buds – next time only prune in summer.

Warm winter will not give Wisteria the needed chill for roots – either choose another site of wisteria; water it with chilled water; or move to a colder district.

Pineapple/Bromeliads will not flower

Ethylene is needed to initiate flowering

Place plant and a ripe apple in a plastic bag for a few days.

Camellia drops flowers

Too many buds for the plant to handle.

Remove a few buds from each cluster.



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