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Arum lilies (Calla)

Family: Araceae


Arums are bulbous herbaceous plants mostly loving rich fertilise moist soils.

Many prefer boggy conditions due to their high water requirements… for this reason some species are noted as being weed-like in some districts.

Arums will handle full sun if sufficient water is provided however blooms may be damaged in strong sunlight.

Dappled light is preferred by most cultivars.


In the landscape, use Arum lilies for:

  • Water feature accent plant
  • Focal pot specimen



Z. aethiopica – the common arum lily with classic white flower. A number of cultivars exist with various heights, leaf patterns, flower colours.

Z. ‘Green Goddess’ – striking white flowers with green tips. Very hardy and loved by florists.


Z. 'Green Goddess'
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