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Family: Lomandraceae (previously classified as belonging to Asteliaceae, Agavaceae, Dracaenaceae, Liliaceae)


Cordylines are foliage plants grown in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate climates.

Ideally suited as dappled shaded understorey plants beneath palms and great as a filler between plants in narrow tight locations.


Coloured leaves are accentuated during the autumn (Fall) season whoever most varieties and cultivars maintain colour all year.


Cordylines love organic rich soils and regular watering, however they are known to withstand short periods of drought and poor soils.


In the garden, fertilise twice a year with a pelletised manure or a chemical complete plant blend.


In a landscape use Cordylines as:

  • Focal foliage plants
  • Massed planted borders and row hedges
  • Pot specimens
  • Filler for difficult locations


Cordylines are known to suffer from spider mites, mealy bugs and leaf spots.


For more information about cordylines, refer to specialist books and magazines on the topic such as subTropical Gardening magazine www.stgmagazine.com

Cordyline (unnamed cultivar)
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