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Gymnostoma australianum

(Daintree Pine)

Family: Casuarinaceae


The Daintree pine is a rare native pine from the World Heritage Forests of Far North Queensland, Australia.

It has stood the test of time with fossil records dating back to the Gondwana period.

In open, sunny conditions it grows into an attractive conical shape without the need fro pruning.

In the garden it is expected to reach a height of 3 – 6 metres in approx ten years.


Outstanding for:

  • Its natural conical shape
  • Its longevity as a superb tub specimen
  • Topiary
  • Classical garden specimen
  • Hedges and windbreaks
  • Coastal planting
  • Frost tolerance
  • Living Christmas tree – the perfect Aussie icon
  • Native gardens

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click here to view larger image

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