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Long gone are the days when Bamboos were feared.


By only using the CLUMPING forms of bamboos, you will find these plants wonderful landscape additions and stunning pot specimens.


Bamboos are easy to care for…. Rarely affected by pests and hardy to tolerate a range of soil conditions.


General Clump Care:-

Each year when the new shoots break through the ground, leave those you select to grow and cut off at ground level any you don’t want to grow.

This way you can achieve vertical aesthetic effects by only allowing certain culms to grow.

It also helps to cut off and remove culms older than 4 or 5 years, thus removing the old wood to maintain the clumps vigour and youthful appearance.



Note – only buy clumping forms of bamboo. If your local bamboo stockist cannot verify that the stock is non-spreading, then do not buy from them… look elsewhere.

Avoid spreading Bamboos (also calling running bamboos) at all costs…these can become weeds-like in your garden and the neighbours.



The following list is a very basic selection of great Bamboos.

For more options contact local stockists.



Bambusa lako

Common Name: Timor Black

Height potential: 20m

Light green hairless striped shoot with chocolate black culms.

One of the world's most beautiful bamboos.

Very straight erect culms turn chocolate black with age.

Highly recommended.


Bambusa multiples cv ‘Alphonse Karr’

Common name: Yellow Stemmed Hedge Bamboo

Height potential: 8m

Spectacular bright yellow culms striped with green.

Great as a large screening plant or for pot specimens.


Bambusa multiplex cv ‘Fernleaf’

Height potential: 4m

Clusters of ten or more small leaves on each twig distinguish this cultivar from its brothers.

The willowy outward-reaching stalks appear almost cascade like after rainfall.

A great garden or specimen pot plant.


Bambusa textiles var gracilis

Common name: Slender Weavers Bamboo

Height potential: 5m

A beautiful and graceful small-leafed ornamental, thin-walled but quite strong.

Good for structured pot features.


Drepanostachyum falcatum

Common Name: Himalayan Weeping Bamboo

Height potential: 4m

A small shade-loving bamboo which appreciates cooler climates and shade. Will not tolerate full sun. Needs to be kept moist.

Exquisite graceful bamboo with slender cascading culms with thick sprays of fine long light green leaves on multiple branch clusters.

A stunning garden or pot specimen.



Gigantochloa sp var "Malay dwarf"

Height potential: 3m

Attractive erect green ornamental bamboo makes a nice smaller statement in the garden or creates a great controllable hedge.

Will grow taller than its specified height with no lower leaves when grown in a canopy.


Schizostachyum brachycladum

Height potential: 15m

Regarded as the most beautiful bamboo in the world by some.

Very erect gold/yellow green-striped long internoded culms are uninterrupted by branches until mid height where it breaks into a crown of huge light green yellow-striped slightly rough leaves.

Young shoots are bronze-red with cup shaped reddish blades that contrast with the clean golden culms as the shoots elongate.

An outstanding ornamental.


Schizostachyum sp "Murray Island"

Height potential: 5m

Small and attractive, very erect, dense clumped light green bamboo has branchless culms that become pendulous.

Internodes grow up to one metre long.

Makes a great hedge or garden piece.


Thyrsostachys siamensis

Common Name: Monastery Bamboo.

Potential height: 13m

Delicate, erect bamboo is one of the prettiest ornamentals in existence.

Strong upright straight culms and a frothy profusion of very fine leaves starting 2.5 metres above ground, it reaches a reasonable height whilst taking up very little ground space.

Planted around monasteries and on freeways as a windbreak and sound barrier.

Highly recommended.


Thysanolaena maxima (TIGER GRASS)

Common Name: Tiger Grass

Height potential: 2.5m

This plant is NOT a bamboo. It looks like a very attractive, small sized, very large leafed, tightly clumping bamboo and is ideal for a subtropical garden. Fast growing and lush green.





On rare occasions some bamboos can be prone to scale or mealy bugs.


Scale: wipe off pests with PestOil if infection is not too bad.


Mealy bugs: aim to control ants that assist in the breeding of mealy bugs. Cut out badly infected bamboo canes then spray with a systemic pesticide.


Mites: spray with a miticide or use predatory mites.


Fungal spots: provide plants with good ventilation. Keep foliage dry.




Bamboo Supplier:

Bamboo World (02) 6628 6988

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