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(Chinese Lantern)

Family: Malvaceae


Medium shrubs with an open sprawling habit.

Leaves are somewhat maple-shaped with some varieties variegated.

Grown from warm temperate to subtropical climates.

Prized for their miniature hibiscus-like flowers that come in an assorted range of colours.

Are adapted to most soil types but prefer moist, well drained, highly organically enriched soils.

Grow in full sun to part shade and lightly prune in early spring to maximize branching which carry the blossoms. Main pruning is after flowering.

Prone to many insect attacks.



A. megapotamicum – low spreading shrub to 1.5m with arrow shaped leaves and distinctive red and yellow tubular flowers.

A. pictum – open spreading shrub with distinctly veined orange-red blooms.

A. X (hybrid cultivars) – numerous coloured forms with variation in leave shape and variegations.

Abutilon cultivar
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