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(Bismarck Palm)

Family: Arecaceae


Bismarckia are native to Madagascar are all have characteristic single stems with large fan-shaped leaves.

These palms are ideal for contrast texture in tropical gardens due to the large bold statements made by the fan-fronds.

Bismarckia grow best in subtropical and tropical climates in open sunny spacious positions to allow full development and spread of the leaves.

A range of soil types is acceptable.

Very good tolerance to drought and frost.

Fruit hang down in panicles when mature.

Full mature height in native Madagascar is up to 30m, however it is expected to be much less in other locations.



B. nobilis ‘blue white form’ – this cultivar has a blue-white colour to the leaves. Stunning in a landscape.

B. nobilis ‘green form’ – this cultivar has a deep green colour to the leaves.

B. nobilis
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