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Family: Asphodelaceae (Previously Liliaceae)


Rosette succulents grown as pot plants in arid or tropical regions with attractive tubular flowers held on high spears.

Plants produce fleshy leaves normally edged with spines range.

Most are frost tender and prefer sunny very well drained sites.


When used as garden plants, be careful with planting along pathways due to spines.

Ensure raised garden beds to prevent winter collapse of the plant.


When used as pot plants, use cacti mixture and ensure drainage through the pot is excellent.


Flowers are nectar bird attractants.

About 300 species occur in these genus.


For more information about Aloes and thier culture in gardens, refer to Issue 11 of subTropical Gardening, or go to this special PDF table -  http://www.stgmagazine.com.au/pdf/Aloes_Table.pdf

Aloe in flower
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