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Family: Nepanthaceae

Common name: tropical pitcher plant


Twining carnivorous plants that are predominately terrestrial or epiphytic from tropical regions of the world.

They require moist open organic potting mixtures to succeed in cultivation with a high degree of humidity.

Leaves extend into a tendril then modify into a characteristic pitcher. Pitchers vary in size, colour and pattern.


Current hybrid versions seem to be more easily grown than pure species.



N. ampullaria – from Malaysia to New Guinea. Lowland climber with squat pitchers.

N. gracilis – from Philippines to Indonesia. Lowland climber with variable pitchers.

N. mirabilis – from Australia, SE Asia and South China. Lowland climber or terrestrial with cylindrical pitchers.

N. rafflesiana – from Sumatra to Borneo. Lowland climber with variable pitchers.

N. ventricosa – from Philippines. Highland terrestrial or epiphytic climber with cylindrical pitchers.

Nepanthes are ideal for hangers
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