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Family: Oleaceae


Shrubs or small trees grown around the world for their attractive leaves or fragrant flowers native to the woodlands of Asia, the Pacific Islands and Southern USA.

Best for cool temperate climates. Possibly worth trying in subtropics.

In the garden, plants need fertile organic rich soils that are well drained in full sun to part shade.

During growth, water frequently and apply a liquid fertiliser twice.

Prune after flowering.



O. x burkwoodii – good for hedging and topiary. Profuse fragrant white flowers.

O. delavayi – white fragrant flowers in mid to late spring followed by blue-black fruit. Good for espaliers, hedging and topiary.

O. fragrans – vigorous upright shrub with dark glossy leather green leaves and highly scented white blossoms in autumn (sometimes in spring), followed by blue-black fruit.

O. fragrans
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