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Tulbaghia violacea

Family: Alliaceae / Liliaceae

Common name: Society garlic


Bulbous plants with only a few commonly cultivated specimens.

Strappy green leaves that have an onion/garlic scent.

Flowers are produced in umbels of dainty pink, purple or white blossoms.

Plants are ideally used as borders or pot plants in sunny areas of the garden.

For dormant species, aim to keep the pot almost dry.



T. violacea – vigorous clump growing plant used for its garlic leaves in cooking, and attractive flowers in a landscape.

T. violacea ‘Silver Stripe’ – has cream-stripped leaves and larger flowers.


Best growing conditions are

-          full sun to light shade

-          well drained soil

-          prone to frost damage

-          good fertile soil for optimal growth.


Outdoor growing in the landscape

Grow this plant in clumps or as a large display.

Can be grown in pots close to the house for culinary harvesting of leaves.

Ideally suited to unit and balcony gardens.



Written by Paul Plant, Editor for subTropical Gardening magazine - www.stgmagazine.com.au

flowers of society garlic
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