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Family: Verbenaceae


Group of plants covering trees, shrubs and climbers from tropical and temperate climates.

Great plants for ornamental gardens due to adaptability and colour variations.


All plants prefer a fertile soil and benefit from organic additions to soil (ie compost and manures) plus regular watering and fertilising.

Some will tolerate full sun all day, other preferring partial sun.


For best floral displays, ensure pruning occurs after flowering.



C. incisum – small open shrub that can be pruned as a tight dense plant with stunning terminal clusters of ‘nodding’ white blossoms.

C. paniculatum – (Pagoda flower) large terminal head of red buds, prefers tropical locations.

C. nutans (C. wallichii) – pendulant white blossoms appearing from red buds on a dense glossy green leaved shrub.

C. splendens – (Red bleeding heart vine) twining shrub with terminal deep red flowers and red sepals.

C. thomsoniae – (Bleeding heart vine) climber with deep green leaves, and flowers with white sepals and red petals.

C. ugandense – (Butterfly bush) medium sized shrub with two toned blue flowers which resemble butterflies.

C. ugandense (butterfly bush)
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