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Family: Araceae



Tropical foliage clump-like plants which produce highly attractive long lasting flowers when kept on the plant.

Characteristic flower involves a narrow middle shaft which is the true flower, surrounded by a modified coloured leaf…. overall called a spathe/spadix.

Plants need good light although protection for full sun is needed.

In the tropics, these plants are planted outdoors in gardens. Most other areas need special protection or treated as pot plants.

Soil/potting mix needs to be fast draining but must hold moisture. Addition of organic matter into the soil is recommended.

Apply liquid fertiliser during growing season to maximize flowering, alternatively use pellets.



A. andreanum (Hawaiian lily, Wax flower) – glossy green heart-shaped leaves with highly prized flowers. Most commonly grown Anthurium.

A. crystalinum – enormous heart-shaped velvety green leaf and white veins, with insignificant green flower.

A. scherzerianum (Flamingo flower) – narrow tough leaves with smaller flowers and typical bent or twirled spadix.


Known problems:

Susceptible to mealy bugs, aphis and mites.

Poorly drained soils or potting mix will rot the roots.

Poor humidity will cause wilting, brown leaf margins and lack of flowers.

Excess nitrogen fertilisers will minimize flowering.

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