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Family: Liliaceae/Agavaceae

(Happy Plants / Dragon Plants)



Foliage plants with an upright or bushy habit.

Grown for their foliage colour and texture by modern landscapers.

Indoor use is commonly seen as happy plants – cut stems in a stray of moist stones with a tussock of leaves on top.

Well suited to planting in the garden in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate climates.

Minimal care needed in relation to water and fertiliser, however growth is enhanced with extra care.

Most cultivars prefer dappled sunlight.

Closely related to Cordylines.



D. deremensis – broad strap-like leaves. Many cultivars

D. draco (Dragon Tree) – large tree with bare trunk and bushy top.

D. fragrans – broad strap-like leaves. Many cultivars. Similar to D. deremensis.

D. marginata – thin strap-like leaves with a characteristic coloured margin.

D. reflexa (Pleomele reflexa) – medium to large shrub with short relaxed strap-like leaves. A few cultivars are worth searching for include ‘Aurea Variegata’ and ‘Variegata Marginata’.

D. surculosa (D. godseffiana) – very bushy wiry stemmed plant with speckled and patterned leaves. Relatively slow growing.


Known problems

Grasshoppers love these plants.

Wet soils can result in root rot.


D. marginata
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D. surculosa
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