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Family: Acanthaceae

(Syn. Goldfussia)



Shrub–like plants best suited to warm climates with humidity, moist soil and partial sun.

In full sun, some plants will wilt if inadequately watered.

Easy to propagate with cuttings.



Strobilanthes anisophyllus (Goldfussia) – shrubby plant with short purple-red leaves and clusters of mauve flowers during warm seasons.

Stobilanthes dyeriana (Persian shield) – low growing plant sometimes forming ground cover. Vibrant purple and green leaves. In harsh full sun this plant can loose some of its colour.

Strobilanthes gossypinus (Persian Shield) - medium shrub to 1.5m high with silvery soft foliage. Great foliage plant. Needs warm climates and likes part shade.


Known problems

Leaves can drop if temperate goes below too low.

Leafhopping insects and grasshoppers are known to cause damage.


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