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Family: Caesalpiniaceae


Group of shrubs and trees with ornamental value for landscaping.

Adapted to a wide range of soils and climates.

Well suited to tropics, subtropics and warm temperate climates.



C. brewsteri (Leichhardt Bean) – large deciduous tree with glossy leaflets. Hanging flowers vary in colour from red, yellow and orange and normally produced in spring after foliage have grown back. It is very fast growing and adaptable.  

C. fistula (Golden Shower) – small deciduous tree with dark stems and long cascading golden yellow racemes. Good plant for backdrop drama.

C. javanica (Pink Cassia) – very large spreading deciduous tree with pink blossoms held in clusters on top of foliage.


Landscape Uses:

Specimen tree

Shade tree

Park and garden public tree



Most have soft branches that may be prone to breaking in storms.

Borers may weaken unhealthy plants.

C. javanica flower
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