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(Lady Palm)

Family: Arecaceae


Dwarf clumping palms popular as indoor and very shady landscape plants.

Each leaf is characteristic of a split fan-like hand, with leaflets radiating from a central point.

Mostly suited to tropics and warm temperate climates.

Can be very slow growing.

Shady sites preferred.

Preferred mode to propagate the plant is by division of the clump, severing the underground rhizome.



R. excelsa (Lady Palm) – highly variable palm with many cultivars and variegated leaf sports. Leaflets can be narrow or broad. Most commonly grown of the Rhapis palms.

R. humilis (Slender Lady Palm) – elegant clumper with slender fingered leaflets. More sun hardy than R. excelsa.


Landscape Uses:

Pot plants

Tropical foliage



Easily sun burnt due to too much exposure.

R. excelsa
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