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Family: Caesalpiniaceae



Delonix is renowned for having one of the most spectacular trees on earth.

These deciduous trees are known to be completely covered in flower during blooming season and commonly planted as street tree or shade trees in public spaces.


Large garden as needed to compliment this stately tree.


Best in tropical and subtropical climates away from frosts.

In dry periods, the tree would benefit for additional watering.


There is one main tree that is available to the public… Delonix regia


Flower is primarily a red/orange colour with five petals (one of which is usually speckled white). There is also a yellow variety grown but very hard to acquire.


Landscape Uses

Street tree

Shade tree



If planted too close to a house, the small leaflets have been known to block gutters.

Plant these trees well away from buildings and piping.

If planted amidst lawn, but the flowers never appear, it is important to change the fertiliser to one that will encourage flowering.



Note: This tree was featured in the first issue of subTropical Gardening magazine www.stgmagazine.com  

Poinciana tree
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Poinciana flower
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