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Family: Bignoniaceae


Tropical trees widely grown for their showy flowers in late spring, and suitability as street trees.

For best growth provide watering during dry periods.

If the soil is covered in a good layer of organic mulch there may not be a need to apply fertiliser, however this will assist in promoting quicker healthier growth.

In dry periods, the flowers will appear before the leaves.


There are a few species of Jacaranda, however only one is readily available to the public.

Jacaranda mimosifolia – mauve flowers, up to 10m tall and wide.

Note. Colour variations of this plant are marketed.



In some areas, Jacarandas are regarded as weeds to the natural bushland as their seed germinates so easily. In these areas it is advised not to grow them.

If planted close to buildings, the small leaflets may block downward pipes of gutters.

Do not plant Jacarandas too close to foundations or piping.

Jacaranda mimosifolia
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