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Family: Apocynaceae



Attractive shrubs grown for their hardness and showy flowers.

Oleanders are known to survive areas that are never watered or cared for, hence their suitability to water-wise gardens and acreage.


Although from Mediterranean climate, the oleander is well adapted to most districts from the tropics to warm temperate.


As the plant has a suckering habit it is possible to prune the plant almost down to ground level, and let the plant fully reflush with new growth. However, it is best to give a medium prune back each year after flowering.



N. oleander is the only species cultivated, and there are many coloured versions, plus dwarfs.


Landscape uses

Seaside; roadside; hedges, ornamental topiary



All parts of this plant are reportedly poisonous.


Colour range of Nerium
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Close up of flower
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