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Rhipsalis (Hatiora)

Family: Cactaceae
Native to South America

Synonym: Hatiora

Mostly rainforest epiphytic small cactus, generally without spines.
Old fashioned plants, now rarely seen in succulent collections.
Ideally suited to windowsills and balcony units, or in hanging baskets.
Prefers light shade.
Likes an open potting media or cactus/succulent potting media howover should not be allowed to dry out for any extended time.
Provide less water in winter, more in summer months.

Easily propagated by cuttings.

Rhipsalis cereuscula (syn. Hatiora cereuscula)- Chinese Character, Rice cactus. Short stumpy stems with infrequent fine hairs on the stems.
Rhipsalis salicornioides (syn. Hatiora salicornioides) - Drunkard's Dream. Narrow, shrubby habit reaching 30-40cm in height and spread. The slender, tubular stems resemble little bottles and readily branch. Tiny, deep yellow flowers appear in later winter-early spring.

Drunkard's Dream
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Chinese Character
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