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Common Name: Treasure Fern
Family: Araceae

Remarkable foliage plant from East Africa well suited to indoors and outdoor landscaping.
Grown for the cycad-looking foliage.
Withstands dry periods, becoming somewhat dormant.
In very low light conditions it does not require much watering.
In brighter light, more water is required.

Ensure water is kept up to plant during main growing seasion.... spring to autumn. Keep slightly more drier in winter, the dormant period. 

One cultivated species
Zamioculcas zamiifolia - up to 1m long leaves bearing shiny green leaflets arising for subsurface base. Short white flowers near base of the foliage with green spathes when grown in ideal growing conditions.
Grows slowly.

Very slow using leaf cuttings.

Indoor plant
Asian designed garden
Feng Shui use... decorated with trinkets representing health and wealth.

If soil is wet, leaves will yellow and die off.

Note: Leaves are known to be poisonous


trinkets of wealth and health on the plant
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