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Poisonous Plants in Gardens

Safety is of utmost importance in a garden especially when children are present.
Garden safety may involve non-slip surfaces, removal of sharp tools and garden decorations, storage of chemicals, fencing of water ponds and even selection of plants.

The fact exist that most plants in the garden, both native or non-nativec, are either toxic or poisonous to humans. Some people are more sensitive than others, such as children and elderly.

Popular Grevilleas can cause severe rashes with some people but not others.
Is this a sufficient reason to ban all Grevilleas? …. I do not believe so.

Oleander and arum lilies are poisonous as are daffodils and foxgloves.
Should these also be banned ? … again I do not believe so.

Gardeners, designers and landscapers have the responsibility to use plants wisely.

In a children’s day care centre, it is logical to remove all potential poisonous plants as well as those with thorns, berries, and sharp leaves.
In public places that are frequented by people, again care is needed in plant placement and selection.
In public places where people do not frequent, such as highway verges and median strips, then plants such as oleanders have a functional use due to their toughness and low maintenance requirements.

All gardeners, nurseries, designers and parents are responsible for educating children on poisonous plants.

Poisons Information Line, Australia wide:
13 11 26

The following links are a good guide for further information:-

ANBG Guide of Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plant lists in Qld


Note: It is also important to note that some plants identified on various poison lists are such that extreme doses are required for injury/illness to occur. Many lists created are also believed to have been produced without toxicology tests to quantify their poison classification. As such their existence on some list is questionable.

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