Family: Verbenaceae

Also called Sky Flower, Golden dewdrop, Pigeon Berry


Duranta are very adaptable plants growing in the tropics, subtropics and warm temperate climates. Many people claim to have good success in cool temperate districts although extra protection is needed in winter.


Plants commonly available in cultivation tend to grow as hedging shrubs (if pruned) or as large rambling shrubs. The sky-blue or white flowers are produced periodically during the warmer seasons although the main blossom flush is spring.


Yellow berries are appear after flowering, to produce a pendulant display most attractive in is own right. Berries are considered poisonous although human deaths have not been reported.


For care, prune the plant regularly to control shape.

A new release bug (Lantana stem sucking bug, Aconophora compressa) is now identified as causing damage to the plant so control will be needed. Click Here for more information on this pest.



D. repens (syn. D. erecta) – upright and slightly spreading large shrub capable of reaching 5m. Flowers white or bluish.

D. ‘Geisha Girl’ – stunning cultivar with large blue and white flowers.

D. ‘Sheenas Gold’ – golden foliage form with light blue flowers.

D. 'Geisha Girl'
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