Family: Euphorbiaceae

Common names: milkweed, spurge


White sapped plants that are mostly soft tissued herbs, with a number of shrubs and few trees. The succulent appearance of these plants tends to make them collectables for avid gardeners.

Depending on plant species, Euphorbia are suited to tropics, subtropics, temperate or arid districts.

Flowers are mostly insignificant but are usually surrounded by large colourful bracts.

All Euphorbias need very good drainage and either full sun or part shade depending on species.



E. pulcherrima (Poinsettia) – popular tropical garden shrubs for their outstanding array of bract colours throughout autumn/winter.

E. characias subsp. wulfenii – upright evergreen shrub best grown in cool temperate climates. The ‘blossom’ is a yellow-green cyathia from spring to early summer.

E. milii (Crown of thorns) – open bushy plant with fleshy thorned stems with brightly coloured cyathia (‘petals’) 

Poinsettia colour variation
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