Family: Magnoliaceae


Deciduous and evergreen shrubs and large trees, grown for their fragrant magnolia like flowers.

Plants tend to prefer the cool temperate to subtropical climates although reports of success in other districts are known.



M. champaca (Himalayan Magnolia) – evergreen tall fast growing tree with golden yellow flowers.

M. doltsopa – small evergreen tree with large white blooms in early spring to summer.

M. figo (Port wine magnolia) – dense evergreen shrub with small cup-shaped banana-scented flowers from spring to summer. Flowers are pale white with maroon margins.

M. ‘Coco’ – improved cultivar or M.figo with larger blossoms and more prolific.

M. ‘Mixed up Miss’ – hybrid of M. doltsopa x M. figo. Soft pink flowers.

M. 'Mixed up Miss'
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