(Proiphys  syn. Eurycles)


Family: Liliaceae


Native to Queensland and the northern extremity of New South Wales, these native bulbs are ideal garden plants, rival to other bulbous plants, such as Amazon lily (Eucharis).


Ideally suited to underplantings of trees and shrubs, mass planting in shaded corners, and the creation of shaded swathes.


Lush green broad leaves up to 30cm across producing tall stems, which bear bell shaped white flowers during summer.


It is an excellent bulb plants for tropics and subtropics.



Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily) is more suited to the tropics and is known to be deciduous in cooler subtropical zones. Larger leaves than the Brisbane lily, with a long leaf petiole up to 45cm long and the broad deep green leaf lamina 25sm long. Pure white flowers are 5cm wide each with up to 18 flowers in a cluster on the tall 80cm stalks.


Proiphys cunninghamii (Brisbane Lily) is best suited to subtropics and produces a wonderful mass of broad evergreen leaves and tight clusters of brilliant white 3.5cm across flowers. Will grow will in warm temperate areas. This plant clumps naturally, and freely self seeds.



Can be hard to find. Check with native specialist nurseries or branches of the Society for Growing Australian Plants.

Brisbane Lily
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Carwell Lily
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