Family: Myrtaceae

Trees and shrubs from Australian rainforests and open forests.
One species has been widely accepted into cultivation due to its stunning golden flowers and adaptable growth habit.
Other species are difficult to obtain or only just entering the market.

Xanthostemon chrysanthus (Golden Penda) – most commonly grown of this group of plants. Can grow up to 15m in forests, but more likely to reach 8m in domestic gardens. Cutting grown plants tend to be shorter than seed raised plants reaching only 5-6m in height. Fresh leaves are tinged with red but mature to dark green. Flowering period can see the tree covered in masses of golden bunches of blossoms. A variegated form is available but grows slower and produces less flowers than original species.
Xanthostemon verticillatus  – medium open shrub with narrow leaves and off white flowers.
Xanthostemon whitei (Red Penda) – very large tree up to 15m tall. New leaves are hairy. Yellow flowers are borne in clusters on ends of branches. Great tree for large properties.

Known problems
No significant problems have been recorded.

varigated leaves of Xanthostemon
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