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Make money from selling unwanted garden plants.

Don’t dump garden plants in the bin or bush.
Don’t waste time selling them at fetes and markets.
Sell them on the net and have the buyers call you.

If you want to give away plants then you can list them for free.

If you want to make money by selling the plant to commercial landscapers, nurseries and home gardeners, then you need to pay a small fee of $11.00 (GST Incl)

Different plant names will require different application forms and therefore different fees.
Eg. If you want to sell 10 Camellias for $20, that would be one submission form for only $11.00.
However if you wanted to sell 3 Camellias (@$20), 6 Gardenias (@$12.50) and 1 large Golden Cane palm (@$200), that would require three (3) submission forms and total cost of $29.85

1. Fill out plant details including botanical name and common name.
2. Describe the plant features and access (eg. 4m tall multitrunked palm with good access in front garden for removal. Buyer to cover removal fees.)
3. Up-load a photo if you have one
4. Provide payment details (credit card, bank transfer, cheque, etc.)
5. Once card is approved (normally 24-48 hours) the submission will be listed on the net for buyers to look at it 24 hours 7 days a week.

To sell a plant, click here.

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